Gift Ideas X Lipsmackers 

I was very kindly sent some Lip Smacker products to try, which I was very excited about because lip balms are one of my favourite beauty products. I can get quite dry lips in the winter months and have to use lip balms quite regularly to keep my pout on point. When you find you have to use them a lot, moisturising your lips can become a bit of a chore. Luckily Lipsmacker has some fun yet delectable options to keep you excited about moisturising your lips.

As a big fan of Chupa Chups I was instantly drawn to their lipsmacker versions. What I love about these is that they smell just like their lollipop counterparts and taste just as good if you accidentally lick your lips. If you have a friend who loves lollies, these will make an excellent Christmas present. You can get the whole set from Claire’s for £12 which includes 12 different flavours! My favourites are the cherry and vanilla flavours, they taste so true to their description.

If fizzy drinks are more your thing, there are so many flavours to choose from which means your favourite beverage is most likely in lip balm form. There are so many options too, you can have it in the standard stick form or a cool tin and even lipgloss. The range of flavours reminds me of those amazing drinks machines where you can choose literally any flavour combination. My favourites are Fanta Lemon and Fanta Strawberry which are also my favourite fizzy drinks. You can buy a cute Coca Cola tin filled with a good selection of fizzy drink lip balms from Boots for only £10.

What I love about Lip Smackers is that they are so moisturising despite being fun, colourful and strong scented. I think they’d make an amazing gift for Christmas; whether wrapped up in someone’s stocking or as a secret santa gift. Or even if like me, you’re a massive child at heart and just want your beauty products to be fun; Lipsmackers might just be your dry lips solution for Winter.

Do you have a favourite Lipsmackers product?

Emily Mae x

Disclaimer: These products were sent to me for free, this is not a sponsored post.




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