Em Chats: Let’s Catch Up! 

Hello! It’s been well over a week since I’ve last posted and abandoned blogmas in a social media hiatus – sorry! But I do have a very good reason! As I sit here, curled up on my cute IKEA arm chair, I am now fully moved into my flat. For the past week my boyfriend and I have started to get used to living together and the full responsibility of adult life.

I generally just needed a break, I’ve moved whilst working full time in retail during Christmas and I cannot even begin to convey how tired and ill I have felt. Though that being said, I have never felt happier. Having my own place with my boyfriend, cooking our own meals and just every piece of furniture being something I’ve worked hard for; suddenly all the stress is worth it. I now have my own, perfect little home that my family can come to. It’s the start of a new era and it’s exciting!

So with most things in my life now sorted, I’m back and ready to get reviewing and posting and I am so excited to see what 2017 brings. Hope you are all having a lovely festive season.

Emily Mae x



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