Working Over Christmas & Spreading Christmas Cheer 

I feel like us bloggers always blog about the perfect Christmas. We write about the perfect presents, food, wrapping techniques, outfits and even share our beloved traditions for Christmas Eve, Christmas Day & Boxing Day. As lovely as this is, the reality can be quite different as around a million people in the UK actually work on the big day.

I was contacted by Beth at Cotton Traders who wanted to recognise hard working people over Christmas with their Making Christmas Warmer Campaign. The idea was to send over a wonderfully festive hamper which would be shared with someone whom was working hard over the festive period. Did I know anyone? I sure do!

Working as a retail manager, the Christmas period is definitely my busiest. It can be tiring locking the store on Christmas Eve, pushing through people who still want to do their shopping despite the fact it’s 5:30pm, trying to get into the Christmas spirit before waking up early on Boxing Day for the sales. Though I feel like I can’t really complain as I at least get Christmas Day off. This year my partner unfortunately has to work on Christmas Day as whilst everyone is nibbling on their cheeseboards and cold turkey sandwiches; someone has to be working to make sure everyone can watch their TV. A little Christmas cheer is just what he needed!

When the parcel arrived I was so excited to surprise him. I had absolutely no idea what was in it but I knew it would make us feel Christmassy in no time. It felt like a magical parcel from Father Christmas and Sam was a wonderful mixture of confused yet elated when I gave it to him!

Inside were some amazing goodies! Christmas crackers, Christmas music, Christmas party photo booth props (expect some amazing ELFies on IG story) and candy canes. Then there were some yummy treats including Sam’s favourite Whittard hot chocolates and marshmallows. We were even gifted my favourite coffee syrups as well as biscuits and a giant box of chocolates! It was everything we needed to stay awake, nibble at and play around with and still be able to go to work.

With moving and working, it was really easy to forget about Christmas but Cotton Traders’ campaign definitely made us remember what Christmas is all about: spending time together and taking the time to enjoy the holidays despite being so tired from work. So thank you Beth and your team, you have definitely brought Christmas magic to our little home.

How are you spending Christmas Day this year? I’d love to know in the comments below!

Emily Mae x

Disclaimer: These products were sent to me for free as a gift. This is not a sponsored post.



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