My Ultimate Christmas Wishlist Tag 2016 

If Santa had an unlimited budget this year, what would you ask for? I thought I’d list the top 5 things I’d want for Christmas if money was no objection and thought it would be a fun little tag for everyone else to do. The rules are super simple list your ultimate Christmas presents and you can tag anyone you like to have a go! Who knows, maybe someone will be super lucky and will get something off their Christmas list this year!

As with all my tags I’m leaving this open to absolutely everyone who wants to have a go!

5) Lush Cosmetics WOW Giftset – £170 

Filled to the brim with 37 Christmas products, you would have amazing baths for the rest of the year! It even comes with the most gorgeous and rather giant hat box to store them all in.

4) Urban Decay Naked Vault Vol III – $300

This giant vault has everything you could ever need!! Just look at the gorgeous outer packaging to contain all of your Naked goodies!

3) Kylie Cosmetics Holiday Box – $290 

I am yet to buy any of Kylie’s products as they are pretty pricey and the possible VAT charges are a little frightening. If she ever sold any products on a UK site then I’d be down with it but until then, her products will remain on my wishlist. This entire holiday collection has absolutely everything you’d ever need but it’s just a product I don’t think I could ever buy.

2) Michael Kors Mercer Medium Bonded Leather Tote – £220 

My ultimate dream is to own a Michael Kors bag as they are so well made and utterly gorgeous. My favourite style is the tote bag and this pretty plum colour definitely caught my eye. in 2017 I think I’ll try and save up a little bit of money each month so I can buy my own!

1) A train/plane ticket to my parents 

If it was somehow possible to get some sort of transport from my house up to my parents in no time at all, giving us plenty of time to enjoy Christmas and to get me to work for Boxing day at 8am – I would pay it. Unfortunately teleportation doesn’t exist which means it’ll be my first Christmas without my family. Luckily we’ll be spending New Years together but it’ll be weird not watching my Sister’s opening their presents, the dog running around with wrapping paper and my Parent’s amazing Christmas lunch.

Where ever you are I hope you are having a wonderful Christmas Eve and have a great, family-filled day tomorrow.

Have a very merry Christmas!

Emily Mae x



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