Anastasia Beverly Hills Ultimate Glow Kit Review


About a month ago I joined the waitlist to purchase the brand new Anastasia Beverly Hills Glow Kit Ultimate Glow from CultBeauty. It has now finally arrived and as it’s my first ABH purchase, I could not wait to unwrap it and review it for you guys.

For £44 you receive this gorgeously packaged highlighting kit containing 6 highlights weighing 4.5g each. The palette feels heavy and despite being made of cardboard, completely sturdy. The words ‘Glow Kit’ even glow in the dark and it’s these little touches which really sets it apart from drugstore highlighting palettes. Like all of the other glow kits this also comes in a cardboard sleeve and magnetically closes. The added bonus is that this palette contains a full sized mirror which makes it so much easier to glow on the go.

img_0820Swatches in natural light (Left to Right): Hot Sand, Amber Gold, Sunray, Golden Dawn, White Sand & Snow 

  • Snow: pure ice white with platinum particles
  • White Sand: warm beige with gold flecks
  • Golden Dawn: warm amber with gold flecks
  • Sunray: warm copper with a peach lustre
  • Amber Gold: warm rose with a golden lustre
  • Hot Sand: warm bronze with amber lustre

I’ll start by saying that the pigmentation on these highlights is  very good and they show up incredibly metallic on the skin. They feel soft and buttery in the pan and each shade is picked up easily with a brush. Though all warm toned (excluding snow), the shades are also really varied and I feel like everyone could get something from this palette. I personally find that Snow, White Sand and Golden Dawn work wonderfully on my pale skin and the other 3 shades make excellent intensly shimmery eyeshadows. I’m also hoping to use them on top of bronzer during the summer for a wonderfully warm glow. So if you’re looking at this palette and think you won’t get much from it shade-wise; the formula is really versatile.

The only thing about this formula that is a bit of negative is that the shimmer is quite large and chunky. This produces a gorgeous metallic effect but it does tend to sit on the skin and blending will not help create a seamless glow. 2 of Anastasia’s other glow kits arrived whilst I was trying out this kit and I can straight away see that they are much more finely milled. In comparison this kit is quite chunky but that being said it still has a better formula than most drugstore highlights I’ve tried and tested.

So is it a hit or a miss? Overall I do recommend this glow kit if you love warm toned highlighters but I recommend using very little on the brush when applying and definitely tap off the excess first. I find that though the formula is chunkier, it still creates a pretty highlight which is extremely intense. So if you love a really strong highlight you might enjoy this palette too. Despite it’s negative reviews on YouTube, I genuinely really love this palette and enjoy using it so it’s definitely a hit for me. But if you really despise chunky glitter, it might not be for you and you can probably give this palette miss.

Emily Mae x



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