Stila Liquid Lipsticks + Glitterati Review


If you’d told me a year ago I’d be excited to receive some liquid lipsticks for Christmas I’d have laughed. Honestly, it sounds crazy now but a year ago I was still finding my way with makeup and lipstick was a scary thing! I’d always apply and then remove it almost instantly feeling a bit stupid, like it didn’t suit me, like it didn’t belong on me. Perhaps it’s the Kylie Jenner effect but 2016 was definitely the year of finding myself makeup wise and as the year went on, I experimented, tried and tested and now I cannot get enough. You can even see throughout my selfies that my lips have become more and more overlined as time has passed and now I simply feel weird without it. So when my boyfriend asked me what I wanted for Christmas, I was more than happy to send him a list of makeup I was dying to try and he did incredibly well. One present was this Stila Stay All Day & Sparkle All Night set which I instantly fell in love with.

Containing 5 mini liquid lipsticks and a glittery top coat, this set has everything you need to create nude, red and day to night looks.

Inside you get the shades:

  • Transcend – glittery top coat
  • Fresco – brown nude
  • Bacca – berry shade
  • Patina – pinky nude
  • Rubino – classic red shade
  • Baci – pink grey toned nude


Shades left to right: Baci, Rubino, Patina, Bacca & Fresco


Shades left to right with topcoat: Baci, Rubino, Patina, Bacca & Fresco

I want to start off by talking about the formula of these lipsticks and they are hands down the best liquid lipstick formula I have EVER tried. A pretty bold statement but if you’re not a fan of a matte lip, this set might just convert you for one simple reason – it does not dry out your lips. The formula is pretty thick which makes it quite easy to overline without the use of a lip pencil. It’s smooth, buttery and glides like a dream on your lips before drying to a matte texture. Except it doesn’t feel dry at all, it feels incredibly comfortable and almost like I’m wearing a lip balm. Which might make you question it’s longevity and durability throughout the day and I am so happy to say that no matter what, it stays all day. I have worn these lipsticks for 12hours+, consumed hot drinks, oily foods and even gone to town on sticky ribs yet my pout remains on point as the lipstick stays in place. Very occasionally I will notice a transfer on a mug after 12+ hours wear however when inspecting my lips, the finish is still as flawless as ever. I also love the Glitterati top coat which also drys completely as it gives such a gorgeous sparkle to the lips; more than perfect for parties or nights out!

Wearing my favourite shade Fresco, despite having dry lips to start with the formula doesn’t crack and still looks amazing. 

Overall I am such a fan of these lipsticks and will definitely be purchasing full sized versions once they run out, especially the shade Fresco which I have been wearing most days since Christmas! The full sized product costs £16 from the Stila website which I think is well worth it for the formula alone let alone the amazing shade range; especially when we’re willing to spend £££ on lip kits. I cannot recommend them enough especially if you’re a lipstick lover or looking to find a more moisturising formula for a matte lip.

Emily Mae x



      1. emaalymaae

        I do! I use a Lush Cosmetics Lip Scrub about once a week and pop on a lip balm as I go to bed every night as part of my evening skincare routine. It’s definitely made a difference! I tend to pair both my lips and face together so I don’t forget, so exfoliate everything on a Sunday and moisturise all together at night.

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