Is This Fake Anastasia Beverly Hills Moonchild Glowkit Better Than the Real One?

Earlier this month, Anastasia Beverly Hills (ABH) created a UK website which meant we could finally get our hands on her amazing liquid lipsticks, glow kits and so much more. After what has felt like months of searching for a Glow Kit without importing it from America (I hate paying customs fees), I instantly made a cheeky little order.

Whilst previously hunting, I came across many many fakes of the Glow Kits online at varying price points and scarily many reviews from bloggers praising the fakes. Then I started thinking, what are these fake products actually like? I’ve already written a post on the dangers of buying fake makeup so fully understand the implications this could have on my skin and health. But with so many positive reviews, curiosity got the better of me and a fake Moonchild palette for £8.99 ended up in my basket. Surely thousands and thousands of positive reviews could not be wrong? I was determined to find out.

Before reviewing this product I want to make it 100% clear that I do not endorse nor recommend fake makeup. You don’t know where it’s been made, what is in it and the processes it has undergone. This post is to purely look at what actually arrives and it’s quality against the real deal. I will also not link the seller on eBay, if you want to purchase a fake product yourself that is entirely up to you but I will not recommend a particular seller or website. If you are however looking for the real Moonchild palette, you can purchase it here for £39.

The fake palette was purchased from a UK seller and only took 5 days to arrive, the seller also had 100% 5 star feedback with literally hundreds and hundreds of comments praising the quality of the glow kits. So it seems like I did my “research” and picked a good seller, I was expecting excellent quality!

Like the real product, the packaging is made out of cardboard and contained within a holographic sleeve. In fact the packaging looks incredibly real and the black ‘Anastasia Beverly Hills’ is even slightly embossed. However when you look closely, you start to see things that are not quite right. Though embossed, in some places the black paint is starting to chip away and the font is slightly too thick. The palette itself is incredibly light and doesn’t have the heavy weight a real palette possesses. It feels cheap, but only because I have the real palette to compare it to. If you buy this thinking it’s the real thing, I believe you would genuinely be non the wiser!

The back of the palette contains the information and ingredients for the real palette, because of this it’s not a true representation of the true ingredients in the fake palette. If you knowingly buy a fake and intend to use it, I highly recommend performing a patch test before putting this on your face. Key features of this fake is that ‘Glow Kit’ on the back of the palette is embossed and the back is also entirely holographic. The text on the back isn’t blurry and the barcode is also really clear. It looks entirely believable!

Normally I’d be swatching by now but this is where the reviewing of the fake comes to an end as there is one feature of this palette I have yet to mention. The product itself has an incredibly strong smell which of course the real palette does not. The smell is not of makeup, skin care chemicals or in fact any sort of perfume; the cold hard truth is this palette smells very intensely of petrol.

Let’s talk about the seriousnnes of this for anyone who would still consider swatching this on their skin. Petrol can cause the skin to become irritated, dry and cracked; if the skin is exposed for a long time then burns may develop. By applying it around your nose: breathing in petrol fumes may cause dizziness, drowsiness and headaches. Breathing in large amounts can also result in coma, loss of muscle control and heart and lung problems. By applying it around your mouth and accidently ingesting it: it may lead to nausea, vomiting and abdominal pain. In serious cases damage to the digestive tract, coma, loss of muscle control, and heart and lung problems can occur.

I only know petrol is in the product because it has a very distinct odour, who knows what else is inside it and what other problems it could cause? At this point I wanted to throw away the palette but kept it a little longer to take direct comparrison photos with the real palette; so you at home can check yours if you’re worried about it’s authenticity.


Can you tell which one is real or fake? Both palettes are exactly the same size and thickness with the same holographic effect. The real palette on the right is a slightly lighter blue shade but if you didn’t have the real palette to compare this to, you would never know. The biggest giveaway is the lettering on ‘Anastasia Beverly Hills’ as the real one is not as bold with a sharper text and each letter is perfect with no printing mistakes around the edges. Even the ‘Moonchild’ on the top is exactly the same!


Can you tell which one is real or fake? This time the real palette is on the bottom and there are some really clear differences here. For starters the words ‘Moon Child’ are in a more defined, less bold font on the real palette and this is also the same for the ABH logo. The bold ingredients are however in a more bold font on the real and this is also true with the J6EA serial number. The 12 month expiry symbol is also shorter and bolder on the fake palette along with a bolder barcode.


Can you tell which one is real or fake? When you open the palette the words ‘Moonchild’ and the ABH logo is not as bold on the fake. The magnets are also severely protruding from the cardboard packaging which of course they don’t on the real palette. The finish of the pans is also imperfect on the fake with makeup flaking off around the edges. The actual shades themselves are off and most noticeably Blue Moon is a completely different shade entirely on the fake palette.

As the fake palette only cost me £8.99, you could buy 4 fake glow kits for the price of a real one. You might find yourself thinking you’ve got yourself a bargain, that the quality will be similar and no one will know. The only advice I can give is that you will know and you will spend a very long time wondering if the product you are putting on your skin is actually causing you harm. Scarily, I even found evidently fake kits being sold for the genuine £39 price, which is a lot of money for a harmful, lesser quality product. If you really want a glow kit, I reccomend saving up for the real one and purchasing it directly from the ABH website or Cult Beauty. Afterall, we all work hard for our money – why fund criminals online selling the fake makeup and hurt ourselves in the process?

I also want to make it very clear that you cannot research a fake product beforehand and if any blogger or someone online persuades you to purchase one through a particular link claiming ‘their palette was fine!’ – don’t. There is zero control as to where these products are made, who is to say that every product that one seller sells originates from the same place? As with all makeup, you also don’t know if different batches differ depending on what ingredients are readily available. You just have no idea as to what is in the product and you could still hurt yourself despite glowing reviews online. There are so many Youtube videos and blogposts reviewing fake products in a more positive light as this is the current popular thing to do, all for the views, and it genuinely scares me. It should scare you too.

Have you ever bought fake makeup? I’d love to hear your experiences in the comments below.

Emily Mae x

Do you want the real deal? You can purchase Moonchild, Ultimate Glow, Sweets, Sun Dipped & That Glow from the ABH UK Website. You can also purchase Ultimate Glow from Cult Beauty.



  1. bbbryony

    This was a really good post! I find it so scary that if you don’t know your stuff with make up and you buy it thinking it’s the real thing and it contains petrol and you use it, how scary! I don’t think it should be allowed for people to sell fake make up due to this!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Yiota

    I purchased many products in the past that end up being fake and I thought I was purchasing a great deal since the price was half the original product. How ignorant I was. I made my research and after that I threw away all fake products. I prefer to purchase more affordable products from well known brands now that have dupes for high end products instead of ordering fake ones! Great post and thank you 🙂


    Liked by 1 person

  3. A Girl From Paris

    I would never buy fake makeup, or even buy makeup from an unauthorized dealer…I am just too scared of what could happen to my skin/eyes/general health.
    Same rule applies for skincare, perfume.
    In fact I don’t buy fakes of any sort. If it’s too expensive, I’ll save money, wait for discounts, or buy drugstore / high street dupes !!!
    First time on your blog, interesting post !
    And I had guessed right which one was fake on your Instagra post !

    Liked by 1 person

    1. emaalymaae

      Good for you! I always think it’s so satisfying to save for something because you feel like you’ve really achieved something when you finally purchase it!
      And yes you did! You clearly have avery good eye well done! If you love a good dupe, I have also written a very long Tam Beauty (Makeup Revolution, Freedom etc.) dupe list for expensive brands 🙂


  4. lizzgold

    This was a really interesting read and very well written. I don’t own any ABH palettes and I think I would maybe question the thick font on the front and why it’s so cheap but otherwise I’d be none the wiser! To me the back and the pans themselves look almost identical, scary!

    Liked by 1 person

      1. lizzgold

        Yeah I know some of my make up has a weird scent (I actually can’t even use Clinique High Impact Mascara after realising it smells like sambuca hahaha) but that sounds pretty bad, you were sensible not to swatch it!

        Liked by 1 person

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