Lush Cosmetics: Valentines Haul

In the past I’ve always gone a little crazy when Lush Cosmetics released new seasonal lines. I cannot even begin to imagine how much money I have spent over the years collecting and hoarding every single Lush product I could get my hands on. So with this new collection I decided to buy only a few items but ones I would really love and enjoy. There’s something about Lush’s Valentines lines which makes me so happy. I even think I prefer these collections to their Halloween and Christmas lines! So with a budget in mind, I decided not to over indulge in things I didn’t need such as shower gel as I still have a fair few bottles tucked away and I ended up spending £30.55.

The first things I wanted to buy were bubble bars as they are my favourite Lush product at the moment. I love that you can get more than one bath out of one bubble bar yet still achieve silky soft waters and tonnes and tonnes of bubbles with just one chunk of the bar! This year it was a no brainer and a Unicorn Horn ended up in my basket straight away. These are £4.25 each and it just looks so magical! Fragranced with lavender oil, ylang ylang oil and neroli oil – this is one relaxing bubble bar! The shimmer on the outside is also to die for! I then saw a bubble bar that I had never seen before and it is indeed brand new for the 2017 collection: Lovestruck. For £4.25 this emoji shaped bubble bar has a citrus scent as it contains Sicilian lemon oil. This is sweetened by geranium oil and petitgrain oil and I expect to use this one to wake myself up on a chilly morning. I then spotted the return of the super cute Ladybird bubble bar and I just had to have it again as I loved it so much last year. This bubble bar is only £3.95 and is an amazing mixture of peppermint oil and geranium oil. The combination of sweet, floral and mint is so beautiful and is guaranteed to help wake you up.

I then spotted the Over and Over bath bomb and I knew I had to try it. I am absolutely loving all of these new bath bombs Lush keep creating which are dipped in a bath melt and I hope to see more of these in the future. For £4.25, this fairly big and heavy bath bomb will soften the skin with it’s cocoa butter top but it’s the fragrance which I am really drawn to. A mixture of fennel oil, lime oil and orris oil it’s one of the most unusual scents I have ever experienced but so far I really like it. I really recommend giving this one a good old sniff in store. I was then drawn to another brand new product: Two Hearts Beating As One. This bath melt consists of 2 heart shaped bath melts slotted together in both a pink and orange colour. This contains softening argan oil and almond oil as well as apricot kernel oil and jasmine absolute. It’s quite a large bath melt which I feel justifies it’s £3.95 price tag.

Last but not least I absolutely had to get a massage bar that was a Kitchen and Oxford Street exclusive last year. Love Spell is a rather pretty massage bar with raised hearts to help with your massage. This possesses a really subtle citrus scent and I can see myself using this a lot during the rest of Winter to help moisturise my skin.

Overall I am so in love with the 2017 Valentines collection and there are still more products I would love to try such as Kiss Me Quick and Cupid. However I’m trying to keep my Lush stash manageable as fresh products are always best. What are you loving from this year’s collection? I’d love to know in the comments below!

Emily Mae x



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