Makeup Revolution Retro Luxe Matte Lip Kits: Swatches & Review 

When I saw that the ruler of drugstore makeup, Makeup Revolution, had brought out a range of matte lip kits I knew I had to try them. Like the ever so famous Kylie Lip Kits, the Retro Luxe Matte Lip Kits contain a liquid lipstick and lipliner so you can create a beautifully on point pout. With similar outer packaging, all boxed up with a big pair of lips on the front these certainly look like they’ll give King Kylie a run for her money. I literally ran to my nearest Superdrug store on their release date and picked up 3 shades: Noble, Regal and Glory for only £6 each. Now that’s a price I can get on board with!

Inside the box you receive both a liquid lipstick and lipliner which are packaged beautifully. The liquid lipstick is considerably larger and fatter than their other lip products and has the most beautiful matte, rose gold lid. Towards the bottom of each lipstick is a sticker with the shade name, just incase you mix up your products. The lipliner itself impressed me immensely just on packaging alone. It feels heavy and sturdy and I love the fact that the shade is on the bottom of the pencil too. It definitely has a high-end, MAC feel to it. Like the lipstick, the shade name is also on a sticker situated towards the end of the pencil. However these stickers don’t stick as well to the pencil and I feel like it could peel off if left loose in a makeup bag. Overall if I picked these up in a high end department store, I would be non the wiser to their £6 price tag.


Swatches (Lip Pencil to Liquid Lipstick, left to right): Regal, Glory & Noble




There are so many redeeming qualities to these lip kits and the first thing I noticed was how soft the lip pencil was. The formula is 100% spot on as it doesn’t drag, it’s so incredibly pigmented and it’s so easy to over line with if you so wish. In fact these pencils are so pigmented you could definitely wear them as a matte lipstick if you wanted to. I really hope to see this particular formula introduced to all of Makeup Revolution’s lip pencils for their other lipsticks as I would without a doubt purchase the entire collection. The liquid lipstick formula also blew me away for one reason: you can layer the product without it sitting weirdly or feeling tacky on the lips. Though they are so pigmented you do not need to layer these, sometimes when correcting mistakes you need to go over a part of your lips again with the lipstick. Most liquid lipsticks, including high-end ones, are not geared up for this and begin to crumble and sit awkwardly. But this liquid lipstick formula seems to blend seamlessly with a previous application which means if you do not have a steady hand – this formula is definitely for you. As the kit is also only £6, you might think the longevity is not quite there and you’ll have to reapply frequently or after food. I put this to the ultimate test and popped on the lip kit at 6am before work. At 1:30pm I ate a bagel and drank coffee and at 9pm I ordered an Indian takeaway and devoured a lot of oily food. At 11pm I went to take my makeup off and my lips were almost entirely intact, with only a little of the lipstick wearing away in the inner part of my lips. For almost 17 hours wear including a takeaway – that is absolutely incredible! Especially when you break down the cost of each item to £3 each and many high-end lipsticks would not give you that length of longevity. The lipsticks are also entirely scentless with no overbearing chemical smell and are not overly drying considering their super matte and long lasting formula. I found that using a little bit of lip balm before I went to sleep was all I needed to regenerate my lips and have them ready for the next day’s application.

Overall I absolutely adore these lip kits and will definitely be purchasing the entire collection as I need them all in my life. I also cannot wait for the future release of their metallic lip kit range, I do hope there is a rose gold one as that is my favourite metallic lip colour. If you love yourself a bargain or simply good quality makeup, I definitely recommend picking these up.

Have you tried these lip kits? I’d love to know your thoughts in the comments below.

Emily Mae x




    I didn’t even know these existed, I can’t believe the longevity and how good they look for only £6… that staying power is better than my actual Kylie kit and I can’t wait to go to Makeup Revolution and buy some of these, thank you!x

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