Instagram Business Account – Will it help you grow your profile? 


Instagram is most definitely a battlefield at the moment for anyone trying to raise their online presence. This is mostly due to Instagram’s algorithm update which no longer shows posts on your feed from oldest to newest; which means scrolling through and catching up on posts is a thing of the past. Instead your feed will show you photos Instagram thinks you want to see based on the number of likes, comments and the hashtags on each photo. In the old days I found Instagram an amazing way to meet like minded people and it was a massive boost of confidence when so many people seemed to like my content. In fact I can say with certainty that the 4000 followers I currently have, were achieved before Instagram’s algorithm and I have really struggled to boost up my stats since then.

I am not alone, there are plenty of bloggers who I have spoken to on Instagram and Twitter who feel the same and almost feel discouraged from using the social media platform as you feel like you’re not really achieving anything. Plenty of companies also feed upon this and my blogging email address is inundated with emails daily offering me followers for a reasonable price. A tempting offer seeing as anyone you seem to meet online nowadays will unfollow again a few days later; but I 100% don’t want to fake my way to the top!

I’ve never felt the need to cheat on social media and I feel like buying followers is definitely cheating. But something had to change as my enthusiasm towards Instagram seems to decrease every single day; that is when I decided to turn my profile into a business account. To do so is incredibly easy, all you need to do is create a Facebook page for you blog and connect it up to Instagram. Suddenly your Instagram opens up a whole new world of stats and information about every post you make. You even get a handy ‘Contact Me’ button so brands and your followers can find out your contact information quickly.


Right at your fingertips you suddenly unlock a hell of a load of information about your stats. As a beauty based account, I expected my following to be mainly women but I had no idea 12% of my followers were men! I also had zero clue on the age ranges of my followers and the majority lies at 18-24, which my age also falls into.


You can then see your followers based on location and more interestingly, the second bar chart shows you your follower trend based on the hour of the day. It looks like I need to focus my posts between 6pm-9pm as that’s when I get the most follows! You can then get into the nitty gritty stats of each post like how many individual accounts have viewed your content and how many interactions you have.


You can then see the information on your posts themselves and Instagram will rank your photos based on how many impressions they have made, aka how many people actually see your photos. Considering my current following is 4489, on average 500 people actually view my content – that’s not good at all! From there, you can see the kind of photos your followers seem to love the most and of course can bare this in mind when posting in the future. I like to play around with hashtags and see which ones seem to give me the most exposure.


Wanting to try all aspects of the business account service, I decided to give advertisement a little go. I picked my most recent post promoting my blog post on the Makeup Revolution Lip Kits and it was one that I was really proud of. I thought my flat lay was on point and I thought it might help get a little bit of exposure to my blog. I set the budget at $5 and ran the ad for 24 hours, where 4569 people viewed the ad but only 18 people actually clicked the link to my blog. I honestly didn’t expect much, because honestly how often do you click ads when scrolling through your feed? But what I was quite appalled at is that all the likes and interactions you receive from the ad, do not tally up to the original post on your feed. So despite receiving a tonne of likes – I wasn’t actually given them on my feed which sucks. Especially as you’re literally paying for the service, for that reason alone I 100% do not recommend using the ad service at all.

Overall I highly recommend switching your Instagram to a business account if you really love looking at stats and working out what types of content/hashtags gets your interactions going. I also really recommend setting up a blogger pod with fellow bloggers so that your interactions boost when you post a photo. In a private DM group, notify everyone in the pod that you’ve posted and they will go ahead and like and comment on your photos. It ensures your friends don’t miss a post and helps give you a little boost so other people might see your content on their feed. So I thought if anyone here would like to set up a comment pod, pop in your Instagram name in the comments below and I will make one up for us all!

I also cannot talk about Instagram without shamelessly plugging my own so if you want to stay up to date as I post on their a lot more often, come over and give me a follow over at @emaalymaae.

Have you tried an Instagram business account? I’d love to know your thoughts in the comments below!

Emily Mae x



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