Is Jeffree Star Cosmetics Worth The Hype?


Jeffree Star Cosmetics is a makeup brand I’ve been dying to try for so long; I just could not resist adding a Liquid Lipstick and Skin Frost to my most recent BeautyBay order. After looking at so many different reviews, I opted for the cult favourite Androgyny Velour Liquid Lipstick which costs £16 on BeautyBay. As I am definitely a highlight girl, I also grabbed the Lavender Snow Skin Frost as I don’t own a highlight shade like it and wanted something a little bit different. This cost me a further £25.50.

Lavender Snow is a cool toned, soft purple shade which is incredibly pigmented. It’s very soft and buttery in the pan which makes it very easy to blend. The actual shade is incredibly metallic and very blinding when it catches the light so this is definitely a must have for anyone who loves a strong glow. The size of the product is also absolutely huge and is the largest highlight I own which definitely justifies the £25.50 price tag. I also love the pink packaging and how sturdy and heavy it feels; this is a compact which is not going to break in your bag! The addition of the rather large mirror is also very useful and most welcome as it’s easily large enough to allow you to apply a full face of makeup – something ABH needs to add to their glow kits! I’ve tried toning it down with some success by blending blending blending and this does definitely soften the look so it’s a thumbs up for anyone who wants a more natural glow. The only drawback of this highlight is that it really emphasises your pores due to it’s metallic formula. However this occurs with most highlights, I really recommend preparing and priming your skin beforehand.

Androgyny is one of those shades that suits everyone with it’s deep mauve tone. I feel like it’s universally flattering on light and dark skin tones which is probably why it’s so popular. Like most liquid lipsticks, this is packaged in a tube with a doe foot applicator and  I found that the applicator was very soft with dense bristles. This allowed the product to glide on really easily and the high pigmentation gives a flawless finish with one swipe. However I found this was the only positive to this liquid lipstick formula, perhaps I received a “bad” one but from there I was left wanting so much more from a £16 lipstick. The formula itself is really watery which makes it quite difficult to line or indeed overline your lips without the product bleeding all over your face. I also found that if you layered the product it felt incredibly thick, tacky and uncomfortable on the lips and I found myself almost looking forward to taking my makeup off at the end of the day. Though the product doesn’t crumble, it will not withstand food and if you take a drink it will transfer albeit the finish doesn’t seem to be effected. Despite the product transferring, I find that I cannot wear this more than 2 days in a row as it really dries out my lips despite using a scrub and lip balm each night. It’s just not my favourite formula at all and I actually think my £2 Primark Liquid Lipsticks have a far better formula for their comfortability and longevity. I know lots of other people really love these lipsticks so maybe mine is from an off batch, but I’m definitely not yearning to try another one at the moment.

I created this simple makeup look using Androgyny and Lavender Snow and I love it because it’s so glowy and Androgyny is so pretty. I have such a love hate relationship with the lipstick because it looks so good on but feels so uncomfortable which leaves me feeling a little torn on whether it’s worth the hype. However Lavender Snow exceeded all my expectations from it’s pigmentation to sheer size which makes it 100% worth the hype! I will definitely be adding to my collection!

Have you tried any Jeffree Star Cosmetics? I’d love to know your thoughts in the comments below!

Emily Mae x



  1. Amy

    I haven’t tried anything from Jeffree Star yet, but after reading this I think I’m definitely leaning more towards the highlighters! I think I might have to check out Beauty Bay, great post lovely!

    Liked by 1 person

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