Is The Too Faced Sweet Peach Palette Worth The Hype? 


Swatches left to right: White Peach, Luscious, Just Peachy, Bless Her Heart, Tempting & Charmed I’m Sure

Swatches left to right: Nectar, Cobbler, Candied Peach, Bellini, Peach Pit & Delectable

Swatches left to right: Peaches N Cream, Georgia, Caramelized, Puree, Summer Yum & Talk Derby To Me

I’ll be the first to admit that when Too Faced first released the Sweet Peach Palette, I wasn’t really feeling it. Sometimes when a product is so hyped and you see it everywhere you start to get a little sick of it; even before you’ve physically seen the product yourself. So I definitely wasn’t waiting in line to get it and when they announced they were bringing it back – I wasn’t overjoyed. However I decided to add another Too Faced Palette to my collection and after sitting and staring at swatches and comparisons for what felt like ages, I decided to eat my words and give the Sweet Peach Palette a go. Why? Simply because it’s different and as I already own the Chocolate Bon Bons Palette I didn’t want to just add lots more browns to my collection.

When the palette arrived I was genuinely quite happy, the tin packaging is strong and sturdy and it looks really pretty. The range of colours themsleves is also really good and I like that there’s a bit of variety in there from natural Peach tones to darker purples. The shadows themselves are so buttery and pigmented, I find you barely need any product on the brush and they blend so easily. I love eyeshadows that work for you and not against you, so when you’re applying your makeup half asleep at 6am you’re not battling to blend it out. Despite the fact I was so against the hype of this product, I’ve now found myself reaching for it every single day as the shades are so beautiful for work. It basically has everything you need and it even smells like peaches which always cheers me up in the morning. My favourite shades at the moment are definitely Luscious and Cobbler as they pair so well together and create such an easy natural look.

Overall if you need a palette that’s different and isn’t just brown after brown, this could be the palette for you. As ever the quality is amazing and I think it’d make a lovely addition to most people’s makeup collection. The whole palette feels luxurious with the little peach touches on the tin, the full sized mirror and the very buttery, peach scented shadows making it more than worth the £39 price tag.

But is it worth the hype? I hate being wrong, but 100% yes purely for the quality and the selection of shades, this is one palette I’ll be using a lot this year.

Have you tried the Sweet Peach Palette? I’d love to know your thoughts in the comments below!

Emily Mae x



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