ColourPop February 2017 Haul + How To Order To The UK


One of my favourite makeup brands has to be Colourpop. I love their ethics, quality, range in products and of course the price. So I thought I would treat myself to a Colourpop order and stock up on my favourite lipstick formulas. Overall I spent $72 with free shipping and my customs and Royal Mail handling fees totalled £20.50. After placing my order it took about a week to dispatch due to high demand and only took 5 days to reach the UK. Customs held my order for a couple of days where I then received a note in the post saying I had a fee to pay. You can pay online and they will then deliver or you can go to the sorting office to pay it directly depending on what your preference is. As the sorting office is next to my workplace I tend to always just pick up my parcel on my lunch break. If you pick this option be mindful that most sorting offices do not have the facility to pay by card so bringing cash along is essential.

Whenever I order from Colourpop I always check out the collections section of their website, I’ll explain why in a mo, and I was instantly drawn to the Puroland Mini Size Kit for $18. I literally cannot get over how cute this collection is and the fact that it’s in collab with Hello Kitty makes it 1000x more amazing! The set is packaged in a blue box with a Hello Kitty shaped cut out so you can see the lipsticks inside. The lipsticks are even decorated with tiny Hello Kitty bows underneath the lid. This set contains 5 mini lipsticks in:

  • Ribbon Ultra Matte Lip: a rich blue red
  • Tiny Chum Ultra Satin Lip: soft mauve
  • Lock Diary Ultra Satin Lip: a deep fuchsia
  • Milk Bottle Ultra Matte Lip: a pretty mid-tone pink
  • Mimmy Ultra Matte Lip: a rich smokey mauve

If you read my Too Faced Sweet Peach Palette review you’ll know I am absolutely loving peachy hues at the moment. So I could not resist the Perfectly Peach set containing both the  Peachy Keen and Just Peachy kits. This set cost $33 and each product is peach inspired.

Peachy Keen is composed of 4 Supershock Shadows:

  • Crimper: soft gold with multi-dimensional gold glitter in a metallic finish
  • Kennedy: true mid tone peach in a matte finish
  • Cornelious: mid-tone warm caramel in a matte finish
  • Bandit: warm rusty brown with a matte finish

Just Peachy is composed of 3 full-sized lipsticks:

  • Instigator: mid-tone peachy nude in a matte finish
  • Screenshot: mid tone nude peach in a satin finish
  • Speed Dial: rich peach in a matte finish

One of my favourite Youtubers is KathleenLights and I am such a fan of her previous Colourpop collabs, I think she always thinks about a wide range of skin tones and I absolutely love all the shades she’s brought out. One of my favourites is the Aquarius Lippie Stix and as it was recently her birthday, Colourpop released Aquarius in other formulas to celebrate. So I absolutely had to snap up the Aquarius Bundle containing 3 full-sized lipsticks. Each shade is very slightly different depending on the formula but each is absolutely stunning and I cannot wait to wear these everyday for work.

For $15 you get:

  • Aquarius Ultra Glossy Lip: a soft pinky nude
  • Aquarius Ultra Satin Lip: a soft pinky nude
  • Aquarius 2 Ultra Matte Lip: a mauvey nude

I then browsed through the rest of the website and fell in love with an Ultra Metallic Lip in Flitter. This was $6 and it’s already become one of my favourite metallic lipsticks ever. It’s base is a beautiful soft pink which shifts into glittering gold in the light; talk about duo-chrome prettiness! I also received a free pressed powder in Milli as Colourpop’s Facebook page reached one million and I can already tell it’s a good match for me. Bronzed metallics are a firm favourite of mine and it will fit beautifully in my Z-palette with my other bronzed metallic shades – I guess you can never have too many?

Last but not least I thought I’d write a little bit about ordering to the UK. With Colourpop now offering international shipping it’s now a lot easier than before but I have some little tricks to keep the cost down. I’ve already talked about how to pay your customs fee and expected shipping time and unfortunately your customs fee is not something you can avoid. When making an order, I would always try to keep it below £100 and save around £25 in the bank for your customs fee. Always order when there is free shipping as in general shipping alone normally costs £25 – saving this leaves you money for customs! If you’re unsure on what to buy and just want to try some things I fully recommend having a look at the value sets as there are some really good collections. They are always cheaper than buying each thing individually and minis are fantastic when you’re not 100% sure about a colour or formula. As a rule of thumb, I try to keep the majority of my order within the collections section and then add in other things that I either really want or have already tried and loved. This allows me to pack in a lot of lipsticks without paying over £100 which keeps your customs fees down. It’s also worth signing up to their mailing list as you instantly get a $5 discount and keeping up to date for promotions and free products.

Have you tried Colourpop? I’d love to know your favourite products in the comments below!

Emily Mae x



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