Kylie Jenner Lip Kit & Kyshadow – Is It Worth The Hype?

So after swearing for so long that I would not spend the money on Kylie Cosmetics, I finally made an order. Curiosity definitely got the better of me and I could not hold off any longer to find out whether her lip kits and kyshadow palettes were indeed worth the hype.

After browsing her website I decided to take advantage of the little bundle deals currently on and purchased the Maliboo Lipkit & The Bronze Palette for $65 which saved $6 – better than nothing eh? I also grabbed the Candy K Lipkit for $29 as I wanted to try more than one lip kit for my review. With customs fees and free shipping, I spent a grand total of £98.42 which is not cheap at all!

My order only took a few days to dispatch and it then reached the UK in just under a week where it was held at customs for a few days. I’ll admit I was really nervous on whether it would actually arrive as I’d heard so many stories of Kylie Cosmetics boxes going “missing” in the post but it arrived safe and sound. In fact the outside packaging was all black with no indication of it being from Kylie Cosmetics until you opened it which probably aided it’s safe arrival. Everything inside was wrapped up in foam and luckily nothing was broken! It even included a little card from Kylie too which was a lovely touch.



The first thing I noticed when I opened my parcel was how small the Kyshadow palette was.  I’m not sure why but I expected the palette to be much larger, almost ABH Glow Kit size. This is actually a good thing as it makes it so much easier to travel with and it still has a really lovely weight to it. The packaging itself is also incredibly attractive with it’s classic black and white colour scheme. I really love the bold font and the metallic effect of the tear-drops on top of the palette. It ticks almost every box for me packaging wise except I would really love the addition of a mirror instead of ‘KYLIE’ on the inside of the palette, especially as this does cost $42. I also wish each shade had their names printed next to the pans, not on the back of the palette as it’s just more convenient.


Swatches left to right: Jasper, Quartz, Topaz, Goldstone, Citrine, Tiger Eye, Hematite, Bronzite & Obsidian 

I absolutely love the range of shades themselves as oranges and browns are colours I normally opt for on a daily basis. Although I would normally like more shimmer shades as this palette only has 2 out of 9; but that’s just personal preference. Albeit the range is actually really good with a matte black, chocolate brown, terracotta and even a matte white highlighting shade – what more could you need to create every day and going out looks?

The actual formula of these eyeshadows have me a little torn. There’s no chemical smell to the palette unlike the recent Royal Peach fiasco and each shade feels really soft in the pan. They are also pigmented which is an absolute must have for a high end palette, but I find some shades a little chalky, particularly Jasper, and each creates a hell of a lot of fall out. I definitely recommend applying your eyeshadow first, particularly the darker shades before applying foundation. I also find that the longevity is a little short and even with a primer your eyeshadow does tend to disappear after about 10 hours. I want to make it really clear, it’s not that these eyeshadows are bad at all because if I picked these up in the drugstore I would be really impressed. But the fact is this isn’t a drugstore product and it’s actually more expensive than Urban Decay and Too Faced which create far superior eyeshadows. I will obviously continue to use this palette because I am not going to waste $42 when the shadows work just fine. But if I’d had the opportunity to swatch this in a store, I probably would have passed. I think the Morhpe 350 Palette is so much better and that costs more than half the amount of this palette with 26 additional shades. So unless you are an avid Kylie collector, you really don’t need this in your collection as other brands do it so much better.



Swatches left to right, lipstick & lip liner: Candy K & Maliboo

Candy K 


So after the disappointment of the Kyshadow Palette, I really hoped the Lip Kits would not let me down. Kylie’s Lip Kits are utterly iconic and as I have quite a thin top lip, I am always trying to over-line my lips for a fuller effect. I absolutely adore the majority of her shades but Candy K and Maliboo are definitely ones I’d wear on a daily basis. When I first opened my parcel I thought that both the shades were really similar but once I began wearing them I realised that there are some really lovely differences. Candy K is definitely warmer toned with a pink hue which warms up my complexion whereas Maliboo is more grey and cool toned which I utterly love.

The packaging is simply gorgeous though I feel like I can’t throw the boxes away and that I should store the kits separately – which is not ideal if you have a massive lipstick collection and want to keep your packaging as minimal as possible. The actual product packaging is so simple yet so effective with a smart black colour scheme and the iconic drops coming from the lid. The lipstick also feels really heavy and sturdy which I really like. The doe foot applicator is also really soft which makes even application a breeze.

The formula itself really impressed me. The lip liner is so soft and pigmented that over-lining your lips is so easy. It doesn’t drag at all and I think they also look good by themselves all over your lips. The lipsticks are also equally impressive as the formula is so pigmented and thick. This means that over lining with the lipstick alone is actually really easy and you don’t need to layer a lot of product for a flawless and even finish. However I did notice that if you do layer these lipsticks, they don’t seem to crumble away which definitely puts these lip kits high in my favourites. They also smell like the yummiest cupcake with buttercream and I cannot get enough of it as it makes it feel so high end.

So do I think these products are worth the hype? It’s a hands down no for the Kyshadow palette as I just expected buttery, long lasting pigments which unfortunately is just not there. The shimmer shades are ok but the matte shades (which is over 75% of the palette) are just a bit meh. The Lip Kits however are a big yes as their quality definitely exceeded my expectations. However, I don’t think the lip liners are a necessity for my personal makeup looks and I would definitely look into just purchasing the liquid lipstick singles in the future to save some money. I also cannot pretend that there aren’t cheaper brands out there that are just as good so I think I will definitely save the Kylie Lip Kits as a treat or if she brings out a shade in the future which I cannot dupe elsewhere. Because at $29 per kit, that’s expensive and not something I can personally justify.

Have you tried any Kylie Cosmetics products? I’d love to know your thoughts in the comments below!

Emily Mae x



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