Instagram, It’s You Not Me

Dear Instagram,

I used to really love you, I really did. You were an amazing way to share photos and to meet other like minded people who shared similar passions. I used to love and spend literally hours browsing through my feed, catching up with my online friends and marvelling over everyone’s photography skills. But you changed and I appreciate companies make changes to become more dynamic and have that competitive edge. But sometimes when you have a good thing going, change isn’t always the best.

As a blogger, you were a way I could instantly connect with people and to get my content out there. But since the algorithm update that just doesn’t happen anymore. Don’t get me wrong, it’s not that I am utterly yearning to be Instafamous with tens and thousands of followers. It’s about making sure your existing followers have the opportunity to actually view my content. The same goes for my own followers, I feel awful when I see an account I used to love unfollow and I can tell it’s because I haven’t been overly active. It’s not at all that I don’t like their content but because I simply don’t see it anymore, please don’t just assume that what you’re putting on my feed is solely what I want to see.

Our relationship has been 3 years long and the first 2 were great. My photography skills were seriously lacking but I loved talking about products and I quickly made online friends. I started to get a small following which I was so proud of and my interactions were insane. The likes kept coming and I suddenly felt a lot more confident in myself as a blogger and creative. I guess I never truly thanked you for that, but if it wasn’t for those 2 wonderful years I would not have had the confidence to write this blog.

However since then it’s been a bit rubbish really. I’m not happy at all in this social media relationship with you and the idea of actually cutting ties completely has come to mind so many times. Your algorithm has brought out the worst in so many. The constant follow/unfollow, the spam and the ‘fake followers’ who have been bought by some. The robots who will follow you all at once making you feel like something is changing, to then unfollow you a week later and you’re back at square one. Let’s also not forget the limited exposure to the 4000+ people who have at some point chosen to follow me. It’s got me down, made me doubt myself, made me feel like my content isn’t worthy of even being seen.

However I became a little enlightened this week whilst taking blog photos because I have come so far. I was once the girl who was afraid to wear lipstick yet now I cannot be without it and even feel comfortable reviewing it. I was once the girl who was so afraid to take a selfie and now my face is plastered all over the internet along with my body in my recent first OOTD post. I was the girl who took product photos in the dark on my iPhone and now I understand so much more about photography and lighting. I’m just going to say it Instagram, my photos are better than ever and I am utterly slaying.

It’s definitely you and not me. 

So enough please of the irelevent updates no one actually asks for. Listen to your users and please try to regain back the positivity of being a creative and sharing your passions. I can’t even blame other users as they are only responding to the changes you have made.

Bring back chronological feeds.

Because I don’t know how much longer I want this relationship to last for.

Emily Mae x



  1. Michelle

    Great post! I agree, it is sooo frustrating! I am getting sick of people following me to get my followback only to unfollow me a week later. As a small instagram page it is so hard to keep your posts seen when they keep changing the how’s and who’s of algorithms. I feel your pain!

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  2. Holly

    I agree with everything in this blog post. There’s some amazing things with Instagram but ditching the chronological order was a big f up on their behalf. I’m still learning to use Instagram for my blog. Xx

    Liked by 1 person

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