ELF Runway Ready Lip Palette 

When I think of lipstick palettes, I cannot help but think of those coloured vaseline kids makeup kits which provide zero pigmentation and wear away after about 5 minutes. Because of this I have avoided lipstick palettes like the plague with the idea that like children’s makeup, these would contain an inferior product when compared to a regular lipstick. That probably sounds a little crazy but I just had it in my head that lipstick palettes were just rubbish and I had zero intention of purchasing one. So when ELF Cosmetics sent me the Runway Ready Lip Palette I had really mixed feelings. On one side, the range of colours were simply gorgeous and each was a shade I could definitely get on board with. But on the other side, I thought I would get zero use out of it and it would go to waste.

However you should never judge a product until you’ve tried it yourself because boy, I could not have been more wrong.

Unfortunately these shades don’t have names but I have swatched them chronologically from left to right within the palette. Each shade is so pigmented, I was so blown away and I am absolutely in love with the range of shades. From a peachy nude, through to petal pinks, reds and berry tones – this palette has it all for each seasonal lip trend.

The finish of each lipstick is very creamy with an almost glossy feel and this is due to the presence of oils within the ingredients. Each shade is infused with Grape Seed Oil, Shea Butter and Coconut Oil to aid in moisturising and to nourish the lips. I have to say it does genuinely do just that and my lips felt really nourished and soft whilst and after wearing these shades. After abusing my poor lips with very drying liquid lipsticks for so long, this was a very welcome change! Of course the presence of these oils does have a downside and that is the finish is not as long lasting as a matte or even creme lipstick. It will wear away if you eat or drink so be prepared to reapply and touch up a few times a day. Luckily the palette is very travel friendly as it’s slim, light and contains a mirror so touching up could not be easier.

When applying and swatching the shades I found that the nude shade was incredibly hard and it was more difficult to pick up the lipstick with the brush and my finger. The other shades were incredibly soft and buttery in comparison and lifted like a dream as if they had melted slightly. This wasn’t necessary an issue but be mindful when applying the darker shades as you can accidentally pick up a lot of product. I found it very easy to overline my lips with the included Lip Defining Brush and recommend doing this first so that your overline has an even pigmentation. When filling in the rest of my lips, I recommend patting the brush instead of dragging it across the lips otherwise the finish can appear slightly streaky. You can of course drag and then pat to even out the pigmentation as this is a little faster.

Instead of providing lip swatches of all of the shades, I thought I would try mixing some shades together to see if you could use this palette to create custom lipsticks. I really love the third shade of the palette which is a purpley/pink but I wanted to wear a shade which was a little darker and more mauve. So I mixed together the nude shade with the darkest purple on the back of my hand, using the lip brush in the palette, and it created the colour I was looking for. Considering both shades felt a bit different in the pan they mixed really well with even pigmentation and formula. I will definitely be using this palette a lot for mixing my own shades as I am so impressed with how it turned out.

Overall I cannot recommend this palette enough. For £9 you receive 6 pigmented shades, a lip brush, mirror and the potential for so many more shades by mixing. I like how moisturising it is and how if feels on my lips. It’s creamy with a little shine and zero stickiness, the addition of all the oils even adds a sweet, creamy scent to the palette. It’s completely opened my eyes to lip palettes and I will definitely be on the hunt for some more to add to my collection.

If you too want to try this palette, you can also receive a mystery ELF bundle worth £20 when you spend over £25 with the code LUCKY.

Emily Mae x

Disclaimer: This product was sent to me for free as I am a member of the E.L.F Beauty Insider’s Squad. This is not a sponsored post.



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