Primark Velvet Matte Lipstick Crayons

Primark have definitely stepped up their game when it comes to cosmetics with some hidden gems just waiting to be discovered. With makeup products priced at as little as £1 each, sometimes 50p if you go on a sale day, there is definitely the opportunity to bag yourself a bargain.

Primark’s Velvet Lip Crayons caught my eye, mainly due to the £2 price tag but also because the shades available looked so wearable! So I grabbed 3 shades in Mushroom, Ballerina and Shameless with the view that if they were utterly rubbish I wouldn’t be breaking the bank. The black packaging with the shade’s colours on the bottom and lids looks very sleek and attractive though they feel very light and cheap. However the lid does seem to feel quite sturdy so I wouldn’t worry about it falling off in your handbag.

Swatches Left to Right: Mushroom, Ballerina & Shameless 

Mushroom: A grey toned mauve

Ballerina: A pretty pinky nude

Shameless: A vampy cherry red

Overall I was very impressed with the formula, they are highly pigmented and the crayon almost melts against your lips to create a opaque finish. They don’t drag at all and as you can sharpen them, overlining you lips could not be easier. The actual finish is somewhere between a cream and matte lipstick as it’s not quite 100% matte straight away but it isn’t glossy either. It feels really moisturising and actually wears really well throughout the day, think of a MAC Matte lipstick staying power. The shades themselves are also really flattering and I found it didn’t sit awkwardly on my lips, they were really comfortable.

Overall I really recommend these lipsticks as they wear really nicely and apply really well. So far, Primark have really impressed me with their lip range and I’m going to have to check out more of their makeup collection. If you find yourself browsing the Primark makeup aisles, I definitely recommend giving these a try!

Emily Mae x



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