Kylie’s Diary: Another Disappointing Kylie Product

Once again Kylie has sent Instagram into overdrive with a Limited Edition Palette created just for Valentines Day. Like most of her new releases it sold out very quickly, but I was lucky enough to get my hands on one as I just so happened to refresh her website at the right time. This palette cost a whopping $54 with a £21.61 customs fee; overall this cost me £65.61 which makes Kylie’s Diary the most expensive palette I own. However I thought it would be worth it as I heard her eyeshadow formulas had improved since the Bronzed Palette (you can read my review here) and it even included 2 large blush pans. It took absolutely ages to dispatch and I finally received it about a week after Valentines day but nevertheless I thought I would get a lot of use out of it.


So let’s jump straight into the review and talk about the packaging. The palette, as the name suggests, looks and feels like a heavy diary. The palette itself is protected and encased in a cardboard box which has tiny embossed hearts across the front and back. I was really disappointed to find that the actual palette didn’t have this and other than the glittery binder and Kylie logo, there was zero decoration. The palette is literally white cardboard and though it feels fairly weighty, I think that for it’s price it could be a little more decorated. It also gets very dirty so don’t throw the outer packaging away or prepare for a makeup stained palette! On the back of the palette is the shade names and ingredients, my palette arrived with a slight dent in the back which most likely occurred during shipping. It’s a little annoying but such a minor detail so I can pretty much ignore it. I would however love to have the shade names underneath the pans and I feel like that isn’t too much to ask. I really hope she does this in future palettes as it just makes it so much easier to remember what you’re using.

Unlike the bronzed palette, this comes with a mirror which is pretty sizeable. The blush pans are also pretty big with the same embossed hearts on the  top which looks really lovely. The eyeshadow shades in the pan also look very vibrant and pigmented. I really like the shade section but if you are a one palette kind of person, this would definitely not be for you as it doesn’t have a highlighting shade or a dark brown/black. However if you really love out there, bright shades you might get a lot of use from this palette. I also like that there are more shimmer shades as it gives a little more variety.

Swatches left to right: First Date & Virginity (one layer then 5 layers)

Swatches left to right: Bae, Heart Breaker, Make Me Blush, Sweet Like Candy, Love Potion, Be Mine, Heart Eyes, Romance, Loves Me Not (one layer)


Blush pans after swatching

So let’s start off with the blushes as these were the shades I was most excited about. The actual shades are very wearable with First Date a pretty coral and Virginity a soft rose pink. I expected so much from these blushes since the palette was so expensive but there is literally zero pigment; it’s so disappointing. I have tried applying this to my cheeks with my fingers, synthetic brushes, oval brushes and natural brushes and absolutely nothing will transfer the pigment. It is so sheer and that might be a positive to some people but for me it was such a let down. I also have really pale skin so normally blush shows up very vividly on my cheeks and I normally have to blend for quite a long time to create a more natural blush. But with these blushes I literally have to sit there and apply then reapply then reapply again to even see any sort of colour on my cheeks. What makes it so much worse is that after swatching the blushes a few times, the heart pattern is already wearing away. I don’t want to sound as mean as to say that these blushes are utter garbage, but they really are. For $54 I expect some pigment and frankly I feel like my Poundland blushes give a much better colour pay off. Milani also makes the most amazing rose blushes and they don’t lose their rose shape for a really long time, yet a few swatches starts to wear away the Kylie heart pattern. Overall, not good at all.

The eyeshadow shades redeem this palette, just slightly. The matte shades are very pigmented and look absolutely stunning on the skin. The formula is definitely much better and these blend really well. However there is still a lot of fall out so I do recommend doing your eyes first before applying your face makeup, especially as these shades are so colourful. The shimmer shades however have got a lot worse as these are quite chunky with glitter. They don’t blend that well and they definitely do not last that long on the eye, even with a primer. If you are looking for some decent shimmer shades, Too Faced do it so much better and even Makeup Revolution have long lasting, non chunky shimmer shades. When swatching the eyeshadow pans also moved around a lot in the palette which makes me worry that they’ll fall out one day. I guess you could put these into a Z Palette but considering this is so expensive, I would rather not do it because I had to.

Overall this is just a bad palette. The fact that the eyeshadows create fall out means that excess shadow gets stuck in the middle of the palette and it’s already very dirty. The front of the palette gets dirty very easily, make sure you keep foundation away from this palette otherwise it’ll quickly turn orange and as it’s cardboard it’s not easy to clean. The products themselves are just a bit naff and if I hadn’t have bought this myself from Kylie’s website I would have thought this was a cheap fake. The quality just isn’t there and I don’t know whether this palette was rushed but I expect so much more from Kylie. This bad experience has definitely put me off purchasing another Kylie product in the future. If you see this product on eBay I do not recommend buying it at all even if it is the real deal. But if you are looking for a good Valentines palette I definitely recommend the Too Faced Chocolate Bon Bons Palette or the Makeup Revolution Pink Fizz and Chocolate Love Palettes.

Emily Mae x



  1. jazminheavenblog

    I can’t bring myself to buy any Kylie products.. Soooo many mixed reviews!! There are so many other products out there with mostly amazing views that i’d rather risk my money on haha ! Student life..
    i feel bad you spent that much on it. Awesome review xx

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Ella May Garrett

    I can’t believe how much that palette cost in the end! And then to have such a disappointing blush and bronzer. Thank God some of the eyeshadows redeem it for you! I have always been too nervous to try Kylie Cosmetics. It seems so hit and miss but I had looked at this palette and contemplated getting it. To be honest though, I have Sleek eyeshadow palettes that are phenomenal so maybe I won’t purchase this! Thanks for such a great review 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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