Massive Drugstore Haul March 2017 + Benefit Super Saving!  


As I’ve been saving up my hard earned cash recently and splurging a little in the high end sections of the makeup world, I have definitely been neglecting the good old drugstore. There are so many wonderful products on offer in Superdrug and Boots yet I’d completely forgotten to look at them as I’d been so consumed by £30 lipsticks. I’m definitely someone who likes value for money, and after buying some pretty ropey yet expensive products I decided to go into my local Boots and go a little crazy. The best thing is that I’ve also reached over £30 on my Boots card which is essentially free money to spend in store. I will definitely be saving that up for a rainy day! I also came across a massive Benefit super saving in Boots which I thought was worthy enough to include in this drugstore haul so keep reading to find out how you can save some money!

Boots currently has a 3 for 2 offer on Maybelline which meant I absolutely had to take advantage of it. I actually ventured over to the aisle so I could check out the Dream Matte Mousse Foundation as I was utterly obsessed with it as a teenager. I haven’t used it in years yet it’s still on sale so I thought I could repurchase it and write a little throwback post. As I was so impressed with the ELF Runway Ready Lip Palette (you can read my review here) I thought I would venture out and try another drugstore palette. I opted for the pink shades as they are my favourite for spring, I cannot wait to try this out and see what lip looks I can create. I then grabbed the Blushed Nudes Eyeshadow Palette as I am obsessed with the Naked 3 and thought the shades were really similar, I also really love the packaging. 2 Summer’s ago I was absolutely obsessed with the Colour Tattoo 24 Hour Eyeshadows and I have since lost them so decided to repurchase my favourite shade Pink Gold along with 2 new additions.

I then found myself in the Rimmel section which is currently Buy One Get One Half Price across their entire range so I decided to purchase the Brow Shake Filling Powder which I feel everyone is talking about at the moment. I opted for the Light Brown shade instead of the blonde as it looked a little more cool toned and my eyebrows are actually more grey/brown than blonde. I will definitely need to use it sparingly but I’m excited to give this a try. I also decided to purchase the Wonder’full Mascara as it contains Argan Oil and I thought that would feel amazing on my eyelashes.

My local Boots has a brand new NYX section so I of course had to have a little browse and ended up purchasing so much. I have been really curious about foundation sticks so decided to buy the NYX one, I have it in my head that though they’re thick they are so easy to apply and I like simplicity. I’ve also heard amazing things about the Angel Veil Primer and I’m still yet to find my perfect primer so of course I had to try it. My liquid lipstick obsession also meant that I could not leave without buying some so I opted for the Lip Lingerie collection and chose 3 quite different nude shades. I absolutely love how big the nude section is from very light to dark, I feel like NYX keeps every skin tone in mind which is so amazing for a drugstore brand. Historically drugstore makeup is a little bad at catering for everyone so I love that anyone can pick up a NYX nude shade perfect for their skin tone. I’ve heard really mixed reviews about the formula so I will be definitely putting these to the test! Their Lid Lingerie Eye Tints also caught my eye so I grabbed the shade Rose Pearl – can you tell that I’m definitely favouring pink shades this month? Their Fibre Mascara also looked really interesting and I love creating dramatic lashes, so I thought I would give the 2 step fibre lash trend a try this month. Last but not at all least, the Ombre Blushes looked absolutely stunning and I already want the entire collection. However I settled with just the one in the shade, Mauve Me and my god it is one of the prettiest blushes I have ever seen. If the formula works well for me, I will most definitely be purchasing them all!

As I’m upping my skincare game this month, a blog post is to come on this, I thought that I should buy a face product that I could wear to balance out my skin on days where I didn’t want to wear lots of makeup. So after lots of browsing I decided to buy the L’Oreal Nude Magique Blur Cream as you can use it on it’s own and as a primer. I also found another drugstore foundation stick in the Revlon section which promises to make my skin photo ready, how could I resist? Interestingly this product isn’t on the Boots website so I’m not sure if this is a new or even a now discontinued product. Whilst making my way to the till I walked past the eyelashes section which is an area which I don’t normally look at. But the Fleur De Force 3/4 lashes by Eylure caught my eye purely because they are pretty, fluttery 3/4 lashes. I thought these would look perfect with a Spring makeup look.

I also purchased some items from the Tam Beauty website as my local Superdrug doesn’t have the best selection. I purchased:

These products have been on my Makeup Revolution wishlist for what seems like ages and I knew that this was the month that I was finally going to try these products! As always, the packing is absolutely stunning and each shade is glowy and beautiful. I cannot wait to try these out!


Finally we’re onto the Benefit section of this post and even though this is not a drugstore brand, I felt like the offer was too good not to mention. Boots currently has an offer on selected premium minis, you can find the full list here and if you shop carefully you can end up with a hell of a lot of product for £25. Normally minis are not good value for money as it’s cheaper to buy the full sized product overall, but the current offer of 3 for £25 changes that completely. Included in the offer is Benefit’s Hoola and Dandelion which are minis and they are 3.5g each yet the full size is 8g costing £24.50. So for £25 you can receive 10.5g worth of product! I picked up 2 Hoola’s and a Dandelion as I feel like Hoola is the product I would use the most and it very almost equates to a full sized one; but I like that I have 2 of them instead of 1 big one. This means that I have a back up and I can easily take one travelling with me. Both Dandelion and Hoola come with a mirror and a brush and are still gorgeously packaged.

What products would like me to review first? I would also love to know what drugstore products you’re enjoying in the comments below.

Emily Mae x



  1. hoiyinli

    Great haul! I also have a new Nyx at my local Boots (well, months old now) but I still need to try out some more things. So far, I only have their matte lip creams. I wanted to try their Angel Veil too! But I’ll wait till my current one is almost out first! 🙂

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