Em Chats: Stress, Anxiety and Taking Time Off 

Today I write this post feeling like such a bad blogger. I cannot believe I haven’t posted since the 7th of March, that definitely wasn’t part of this month’s plan. Yet here I find myself staring at the screen and wondering where to start. It’s been an emotional few weeks filled with work anxiety and stress, general loneliness and sheer exhaustion. I decided to take an Instagram break, I quit Instagram to then come back yet fall silent for another week. I’ve well and truly been all over the place and it’s had me stuck in a bit of a rut.

You see for the past few weeks, I have become an avid sleeper. I’d wake up to go to work, extremely disappointed that I had in fact woken up and was already counting down the hours until bed time. I’d come home in the evening and literally get straight into bed with a migraine and sleep for a few hours. Get up, eat something, fathom the energy for a bath and go back to sleep. Usually my days off work are filled with taking blog photos, planning posts, watching Netflix and playing games. Instead I would lie in bed, staring out of the window and drifting in and out of sleep. In truth, I just felt really sad and sleeping was the only thing I wanted to do.

I think I’ve broken the cycle now but the truth is if I hadn’t have taken that time away, I probably would have snapped. So though I feel inherently guilty for not keeping up with my friends on my Blogger pods or my comments here, I just physically could not.

The good news is though that I’m feeling much more relaxed about my blog having stepped aside for a few weeks. Stats became a bit of an obsession and I’m starting to remember why I started this blog instead of worrying about my online appearance. So I’m officially writing March off, it was a bust and instead I’m focusing on the positives in my life. Here’s hoping April is a little more forgiving!

Emily Mae x


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  1. gracepillz

    You really do have to take a break sometimes, and you shouldn’t feel bad about it! Rest is important and its important to listen to your body. Who cares if March was a “bust”?! Hahah april and spring brings new freshness 🙂

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