I Heart Makeup Glow Kits


The I Heart Makeup Light & Glow and Bronze & Glow palettes recently took Twitter by storm after Kylie Jenner revealed her Kylighters. This is due to the similarity in the look of the pans with those iconic drips. However unlike Tam Beauty’s extensive Dupe List, these aren’t dupes at all and actually came before Kylie’s Kylighters. Instead the drops on the pans are emulating the chocolatey packaging and I absolutely love it! They even smell like cocoa powder as well which adds such a luxury feel to the product.

Each palette is beautifully packaged in hard, decorative plastic with a good quality mirror. Both have a chocolate bar effect similar to their Chocolate Bar palettes but are distinguished by their colours. Bronze & Glow has a more milk chocolate feel which is complimented with golden chocolate drops on the outside. Whereas Light & Glow is a gorgeous white chocolate with pink chocolate drops, I am absolutely dying for an eyeshadow palette with this design! Each is very light and travel friendly; perfect for applying on the go.

The Tam Beauty website describes these products as:


A duo powder to bronze and highlight encased in a mini chocolate bar complete with a mirror. Give yourself a bronzed glow all year round and finish with the complimenting highlighter. Sculpt and highlight your features with this Bronze and Glow palette.


A duo powder to give you the perfect glow encased in a cute pink case and a mirror. Instantly lift and highlight any complexion by sweeping the powder across your cheekbones, brows and any other areas you want to glow. Either use them individually or together.


Swatches (left to right): Bronze & Glow, Light & Glow

Since receiving these products I have been using the Bronze & Glow kit every single day as the bronze shade is the perfect contour shade for my pale skin. It’s super cool toned, matte and very buildable so you can opt for a more sheer look or a strong contour depending on your preference. I normally wear Kat Von D/Too Faced and was worried this wasn’t going to be as pigmented but have had so many compliments when wearing it – it’s definitely a your natural contour but better look. The pan itself is very soft but does produce quite a bit of fall out on the pan which is the only drawback I found with the forumla; which weirdly doesn’t happen as much with the highlighter. The highlighting shade is also stunning and perfect for a natural look. The champagne shade is wonderfully shimmery without being chunky and is very buildable. It can be applied wet or dry and looks amazing on the cheekbones and brow bone. Overall it’s a really lovely little kit and at only £6, I think this is perfect for beginners who want to experiment with contouring and highlight. However, there is only one shade available which is quite disappointing as I feel the bronzer would only be suitable for pale skin. So if you have darker skin this will not be suitable for you at all!

The Light & Glow kit is definitely a product for highlighter fans as it contains 2 really pretty highlights. Both shades produce a really natural glow but are very buildable and don’t look cakey with chunky glitter. The pale shade is absolutely stunning when wet to create an intense glow and the pink shade teams really well with your favourite blush. You can even mix the 2 shades for a more duochrome effect. Considering the kit is only £6, I think the formula is really good and it doesn’t create too much fallout in the pan. Unfortunately I don’t reach for this as much as the other kit as I much prefer my Anastasia Glow Kits. However that’s not a reflection at all on the quality and I feel this would be prefect for makeup beginners or anyone on a budget.

Overall I do recommend these kits as I feel the packaging and makeup quality is amazing especially as they’re only £6. Each is scented with chocolate, the pans are soft and the product applies and lasts really well. I feel like this would make an excellent gift for someone as well as they’re just so pretty, if I received one I would definitely be happy!

Have you tried these kits? I’d love to know your thoughts in the comments below!

Emily Mae x



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