Jeffree Star VS Makeup Revolution 


Jeffree Star Lavender Snow & Makeup Revolution Ice Kiss


Makeup Revolution is at it again and this time they are taking on the ever so controversial Jeffree Star and created a dupe on his Skin Frost highlighters. With a £20.50 price difference, which highlighter is the best?

Size-wise these highlighters are fairly similar with the Makeup Revolution Skin Kiss being ever so slightly larger in size. Jeffree’s Skin Frosts are a little thicker but it’s only heavier by 1g. The differences here are really minimal except for the colour of the packaging. Jeffree has opted for an opaque, pink plastic which is nice if you like that kind of  thing. Personally I find  it a little juvenile but I can understand the appeal. Instead of fully duping Jeffree, Makeup Revolution chose a matte, rose gold plastic. I much prefer this design except it is prone to finger marks which is a little annoying. I also think they could have left off the ‘Skin Kiss’ on the  top of the  packaging as I feel the font makes it look unnecessarily cheap; but that’s just me being picky! Both products also contain really  good quality mirrors which is always handy when on the go.

Both highlighters promise a high impact glow, these are not highlighters to underestimate. However with intense highlights there is always the risk of chunky, chunky glitter. Jeffree’s formula screams high-end and once you dip your finger into the soft and buttery pan, you realise why you spent £25.50 on it. The formula is exquisite, it blends beautifully and leaves you with a gorgeous, dramatic glow. It feels soft and buttery and there is not a hint of chunky glitter.  In comparison Makeup Revolution’s formula is slightly chalkier but it’s still really soft and buttery. For a £5 drugstore product, I would not have expected this kind of texture at all. In fact, if I’d paid £20 for this product I’d be pretty happy.

Swatches left to right: Lavendar Snow & Ice Kiss

Obviously the actual shades are different here but you can see the differences between the two products. Jeffree’s is more metallic and I would say the glow is a little more in depth than Makeup Revolution’s highlight. That being said, they both produce incredibly similar textures on the face and despite only being £5, Makeup Revolution’s Skin Kiss really does it’s job well.

So which one is better? It all depends on your highlighting preferences. If you like a dramatic glow, both are very suitable. If you want something that is budget friendly or you want to achieve a certain look without really caring on the brand, then obviously Makeup Revolution is the one for you. If you happen to like Jeffree Star or are a frequent BeautyBay shopper then the Skin Frost’s will be for you. As for me? I like the shade of Lavendar Snow but don’t really want to spend £25+ on a single highlighting shade when a drugstore brand is pretty damn similar in formula and finish. I like changing my makeup looks frequently and with a product which produces such a dramatic look, I personally would opt for the budget friendly option. Especially as I could purchase all the shades for less than the price of Jeffree’s highlighter.

I’d love to know what you think! Would you splash out or would you go for the cheaper alternative?

Emily Mae x



  1. Ella May Garrett

    Really really enjoyed this post! I’ve been interested in both these brands and have yet to delve in to them! Totally agree about the packaging – I’m not a massive fan of the pink plastic and I much prefer the rose gold type of Makeup Revolution. Thanks for going in depth, I loved it! Xxx

    Liked by 1 person

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