Makeup Revolution Retro Luxe Gloss Lip Kit Review 

Lipstick has to be my favourite type of makeup product at the moment. Whether it’s liquid, matte, glossy or frosted, I don’t quite feel like me if I don’t put any on. So when I saw the Makeup Revolution Retro Luxe Gloss Lip Kits on the Tam Beauty website, I was intrigued and had to try one. Especially as they were only £6!

There are 3 shades in the collection: Original, Honour and Truth. After looking at swatches on the website, which I highly recommend doing as the shades do not look like the ones on the box, I opted for the orange/brown Original as I had nothing like it in my collection.

Like most Lip Kits, the product came in a sleek, rectangular box which was white and rose gold. Inside was the liquid gloss with a rose gold lid and a black, matching lip liner with the shade on the bottom.

The lip pencil is incredibly soft and smooth which made application so easy. There was no need to harshly drag the pencil and I was able to overline my lips very quickly without making a mistake. The formula is very soft and you could very easily use it to colour your entire lips if you wanted to.

The liquid gloss has a doe foot applicator and the consistency was thick, but not gloopy or sticky. It was very easy to fill in my lips as the pigmentation is amazing. One sweep leaves you with a flawless finish and the overall look is akin to a cream lipstick – think Colourpop Ultra Satin Lips.

The overall look is wonderfully 90s and I really enjoy how the shine of the lipstick makes my lips look so much fuller. As for longevity, it is not at all up there with a matte lipstick and you will have to touch up after eating/drinking. But if you hate a matte lip or wants a gentler alternative to the matte lip kit craze, I think you’d really enjoy this product.

I’d love to see some more shades added to this collection as the 3 shades seem to be varying tones of brown. I think a gorgeous glossy red would look absolutely gorgeous! But until then I’m really going to enjoy changing up my lip looks with this gorgeous, glossy lipstick.

Emily Mae x



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