Festival Face Autumnal Makeup 

It’s nearly that time of year again where the cool evenings draw nearer, the leaves turn and become a crunchy blanket on the pavement and you start to feel excited for upcoming holidays. I’m talking of course about Autumn and whilst cosied up on a grey day, I felt inspired to get creative.

Rich coppers and gold are always a firm favourite during Autumn so I just had to dig into my Festival Face Chunky Glitters in Copper Tan and Gold Flakes. At £4 a pot, these were fairly easy to work with and a little product goes a very long way. They’re perfect for creating a dramatic effect without a lot of effort. They also feel very comfortable on the skin and were not itchy at all. Their Glitter Fix Gel is also equally as comfortable and does not dry with a yellow tinge, keeping your makeup underneath intact.

I’m so inspired by adding textures to makeup looks at the moment and chunky, metallic glitter is the perfect medium for a seasonal look.

What’s inspiring you at the moment?

Emily Mae x





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