ELF Shimmer Eyeliner Pencils 

Since ELF launched in Superdrug, we have been treated to a fantastic cruelty free US brand where we no longer have to worry about customs fees. Our drugstore brands are absolutely killing it at the moment and ELF is absolutely no exception with hundreds of bargain-priced products just waiting to become a favourite.

I was kindly sent a selection of the Shimmer Eyeliner Pencils to try which are currently available on the US site for $1 each or in a bundle of 5 on the UK site for £6. Each shade is packed full of shimmer to add a little effortless glamour to your everyday makeup looks. With a smooth formula, these pencil eyeliners are super easy to apply and glide on effortlessly to your lower lash line and eyelid and are easily sharpened with the handy sharpener included within the lid.

Left to Right: Black Bandit, Twinkle Teal & Iconic Ivory 

Bored with just applying eyeliner to my waterline, I decided to try and apply these to my eyelids to really test out the formula. They applied really smoothly but I found the pencil to be almost too soft meaning it was difficult to draw a really precise line as I kept applying more product. Luckily, the sharpner in the lid was to hand and I can see why they included this with the product – thank you ELF! Overall the pigemntation was actually really good and my absolutle favourite, Twinkle Teal, looked stunning. I found Black Bandit to be a true black, not the grey/black you can find with some shimmer eyeliners and the distribution of shimmer is really excellent. Iconic Ivory is a more subtle colour and definitely more of a pearlised eyeliner, it didn’t show up as well on my skintone but this would look absolutely stunning on people of colour’s skin! If you’re a fan of a more smokey look these do blend but I find they blend much better with your fingers than a brush – really took me back to my heavy eyeliner school days!

Overall I was super impressed with these eyeliners and I’ll definitely be making use of Twinkle Teal as it’s such a pretty colour and pigment. As for the other two, they’re not my favourite black and white eyeliners however for the price they are absolutely fantastic and they do the job well. If you’re back to school or simply looking for a simple, yet pretty eyeliner which doesn’t break the bank – I really reccomend them!

What’s your favourite pencil eyeliner?

Emily Mae x

Disclaimer: Product was sent free of charge for testing. All photos and views are my own. Not a sponsored post. 


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