Lush Cosmetics Ectoplasm Jelly Bath Bomb 

If there’s one thing I really look forward to every year, it has to be the Lush Cosmetics Halloween and Christmas launch. Something about festive bath bombs and bubble bars just seems to get me excited for the last few months of the year and if the product is completely new – even better! Which is why I was so excited when I stumbled across Ectoplasm Jelly Bath Bomb. For £4.95 you are treated to a fairly heavy yellow and purple ballistic complete with it’s own little ghost on the top – talk about cute.

Lush’s website for Ectoplasm is even more intriguing:

If there’s something strange in your nightly bath, who you gonna call? Launch this slimer into the water and let the gooey seaweed gel ooze across the surface, softening your skin as it goes. If you’re feeling ghoulish, the uplifting tangerine, grapefruit and restorative litsea cubeba oils will have you in high spirits in no time. Take the gunge.

Yep that’s right, this bath bomb contains a centre of softening Jelly which disperses across the water to keep your skin soft. Lush’s Jelly Bombs are relatively brand new and as I hadn’t tried one yet, I was excited to give it a go.

Once you drop it into the water, Ectoplasm starts to fizz quickly but begins to slow as the Jelly centre is revealed. The air is filled with the uplifting scents of grapefruit and tangerine which is such a lovely combination. Overall it took about 5 minutes to fully dissolve and you are left with purple water and a layer of purple jelly on the top.

Once you get into the water, you break through the Jelly which sticks to your body like thick slime. Though it smells absolutely amazing, the only thing I could liken it to is sitting in a bath of frog spawn. It was just a bit yucky if I’m honest. I found it really hard to lay back and relax so decided to concentrate on rubbing the Jelly into my skin. The Jelly then broke up into tiny pieces which floated around the bath – definitely not appealing at all. For the purposes of the review I decided to wash my hair in the water, though I really didn’t want to. As I was washing it my hair felt really soft and silky however once it dried I was left with dried, crusty bits of Jelly in my hair so I had to jump back into the shower – not nice at all. However the gorgeous scent did last on my skin all day and my skin did feel amazing afterwards.

Overall this Bath Bomb was just a bit too gross for me. I felt really dirty in the bath and it wasn’t relaxing at all. If you have long hair you will also have to tie it up into a high bun as this ballistic does not team well with hair. Though an intriguing concept, and I can see this being a major hit with kids, Jelly bombs just aren’t for me. They’re messy, feel gross and make the tub super slippy afterwards. I would definitely recommend their standard bath bombs instead.

Have you tried a Jelly bomb? I’d love to know your thought in the comments below.

Emily Mae x


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