Urban Decay: Naked Smoky 

I attended a bloggers event a few months back and the discussion on the table was how warm eyeshadow palettes had become the must have product in the makeup world. Now I do love a good warm makeup look, but it’s definitely not my favourite – controversial right? That was definitely the feeling around the room when I proudly announced that the Urban Decay Naked Heat Palette would not be added to my collection and that the Naked Smoky was perhaps the most underrated palette out there. It went down, frankly, like a bucket of cold sick and that was it for the rest of the evening. So today I’ve decided to dedicate this post to the Urban Decay Naked Palette which doesn’t always get a lot of love. There is no smoke without fire and this palette is hot hot hot.

Out of all the Naked Palettes, the Naked Smoky has the most beautiful packaging in my opinion. It’s heavy, plastic casing definitely set the trend for the Naked Heat and the smoke effect is gorgeous. It’s weight is luxurious and I love the way it snaps shut as you close it. It is definitely the most attractive palette I own.


Left To Right: Thirteen, Combust, Whiskey, Password, Smolder, Black Market, Dagger, Slanted, Armor, Radar, Dirtysweet & High 

Now I know pinks, reds and oranges are an absolute must have right now, but a smoky eye and a red lip look so beautiful together during the winter months. What makes this palette so special is how beautifully the shimmer shades blend and make your eyes pop in contrast to the darker tones of the palette. They are smooth, buttery and make a smoky eye very effortless. If you are put off by the dark shades, a little goes a long way and they blend really well. It’s not as nearly as hard as it looks to do a very quick yet effective smoky look. If you love an even bolder look, the shimmers perform wonderfully with a little MAC Fix Plus for that metallic look, perfect for nights out.

Now if you can look past the dark tones in the palette, there are actually shades which will allow you to rock a more subtle smoky eye or even a golden eye everyday. The shimmers High, Dirtysweet and Radar combined with the mattes Whisky, Combust and Thirteen are actually very wearable. I find myself reaching for this palette a lot on a work day to create a golden brown smoky eye but you could definitely stick to a subtle no makeup look with the mattes. The brown and gold shades are also warm so if you like both warm and cool tones, this palette has it both.


A smoky eye and a glossy red lip is my favourite winter look


Dare to be different and embrace the cool tones this winter, I think this palette has everything you need for a party, glam look to a no makeup look. If you are looking to add a Naked palette to your collection or have been put off by the dark shades – go for it! You will surprise yourself and not regret it! This palette is £39.50 like all the other Naked Palettes and also comes with a duo ended brush.

Have you tried out the Naked Smoky? Or are you more of a Naked Heat?

Emily Mae x




  1. makeupwithaheart

    I like cooler tones but on my very warm skin tone, they make me look sallow and sickly. So I’ve learned to embrace the warmer tones and went for Naked Heat myself. Maybe I just have to learn how to make cooler tones work for my skin tone.


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