LA Splash: Sinfully Angelic Lip Glosses & Wickedly Divine Liquid Lipsticks

After browsing the BeautyBay website, looking for interesting looking products to try, I came across the LA Splash Wickedly Divine Liquid Lipsticks and Sinfully Angelic Lipglosses and instantly fell in love. I am an absolute sucker for gorgeous packaging and these have to be the prettiest lip products I have ever seen. Beautifully curved in shape as if made out of crystal, with majestic lids each topped with a jewel, these look like they fell straight out of a fairy tale and I am living for it. I also love the good and evil aspect of these lip products.

The Wickedly Divine collection consists of 32 matte shades ranging from nude to dark brown and black, reds and bright witchy blues and greens. Perfect for Halloween or for anyone who loves to experiment with colour. At £9.50 each they also don’t break the bank and I had high expectations as I really enjoyed their Couture line.

The Sinfully Angelic collection is unfortunately not as big with only 10 shades on offer. Most are incredibly girly with only a few nudes and one red on offer. The range could really do with some deeper shades for deeper skin tones which is really disappointing. Like the Wickedly Divine collection, these are also £9.50 each.

In gothic styled casing, the Wickedly Divine Liquid Lipsticks are a unique lip addition to any collection. Super smooth and highly pigmented, the effortless lip colour sweeps evenly and flake-free over the lips for a flawless finish that lasts.

With a high-shine finish and full coverage, the Sinfully Angelic Lipgloss creates easy, long-lasting colour. With rose printed packaging, each shade is a stylish addition to all makeup looks, whilst the ultra-conditioning formula achieves a smooth, shimmering and non-drying

I was eager to test them out so I purchased 2 products from each collection to see if they would live up to my fairy tale dreams.

Both products contain a pointed doe foot applicator with a hole in the centre. These applicators are perfect for precision so I was really hopeful I’d have some perfectly applied lipgloss and lipstick.

Wickedly Divine Mortiferous

Wickedly Divine Evildoer

Sinfully Angelic Erela

Sinfully Angelic Hadraniel Angel Of Love

The Wickedly Divine collection is pigmented however dries incredibly patchy. The formula is a very thin liquid which spreads all over the place and this made application very difficult. Despite having a pointed applicator, I found it very difficult to line my lips making the overall look a little wonky. I also had to reapply and build up the colour as the formula is so thin. It did however dry evenly and didn’t crumble as some liquid lipsticks do when you try and layer them. Overall, they just didn’t wow me and I think there are far better liquid lipsticks out there at this price and even cheaper lipsticks in the drugstore. This is really disappointing as I had such high hopes for this collection and Evildoer is a really strong black shade which is really hard to find at a drugstore price.

The Sinfully Angelic Lipglosses on the other hand applied like an absolute dream. The formula is highly pigmented and glossy and they don’t feel heavy and sticky. I found one coat of lipgloss was all you needed for full, glossy and colourful lips, I can’t get enough of them! I found them fairly long lasting for a lipgloss, obviously you need to touch up after eating or drinking but in general they wear really well and continue to feel comfortable throughout the day.

Overall the Wickedly Divine collection was a bit of a flop for me as the formula was far too thin however the Sinfully Angelic collection came out on top due to their pigmentation and how comfortable they feel. If you’re looking for some more interesting liquid lipstick shades I would definitely invest in a higher-end brand instead. But if you’re looking for a gloss fit for a princess, look no further.

Emily Mae x


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