ELF Active Range: What Should You Try? 

2017 was the year I decided to join the gym and I actually stuck with it! I’ve really enjoyed pushing myself and attending classes, but I am always left with a bright red tomato face at the end of my workout sessions. Obviously this shows I’ve been working hard but I get slightly embarrassed as no one else seems to go as red as me, so when I saw ELF had produced a gym ready makeup and skincare line I was rather intrigued. I never purposely put makeup on for the gym but if I could distract from my tomato face, I was very willing to give it a go.

ELF very kindly sent me some of their Active collection to try out and I could not wait to put them to the test. Packaged in zesty green, they certainly looked very different to ELF’s usual makeup line.

The full collection consists of:

  • Workout Ready Hydration Stick £9
  • Post-Workout Cleansing Body Wipes £4.50
  • Workout Ready Eyeliner Pencil £5
  • Sweat Resistant Mascara & Brow Duo £7.50
  • Workout Ready Cheek & Lip Palette £9
  • Post-Workout Cool Down Mist £9
  • Blend It Out Silicone Sponge Duo £9

Sweat Resistant Mascara & Brow Duo

Set brows and lashes that can withstand whatever the day brings with this dual-ended duo.  Long-lasting, waterproof mascara (that won’t smear or smudge) paired with a clear, sweat-resistant gel to comb and feather brows, this duo will keep up with you!

I was most excited about using this product as I see no issue with a little bit of mascara for the gym and it’s always handy to have a brow gel to tame those brows. I also love the fact that it’s double ended to save space in your gym bag.

The brow gel end consists of a very skinny wand for precise brushing and application and a clear, odourless gel. This sets your brows down instantly and it’s very easy to comb through your brows, with the skinny wand perfecting your brows’ tail. I actually love this gel and have been using it daily to set brow powder or pomade as well as on their own for a more natural look. I have very big, natural brows so if like me you need to keep them well-groomed, this is the perfect product for you. If your brows are more sparse it won’t really do anything on it’s own but it will keep other brow products in place. After an intense hour of Zumba, I found this entirely sweat Resistant and my brows looked just as good at the end of the class – result!

The mascara on the other hand is not my favourite and I really really tried to like it. The wand is also very skinny and it fans your lashes out beautifully. But the formula is incredibly wet and sticky and it just doesn’t dry. This meant my top lashes were constantly sticking to my bottom lashes which felt like I had an eye infection. 8 hours after application, I fell asleep on the sofa and woke up with my eyes stuck together. It just doesn’t dry at all and it’s very impractical. For this reason I wouldn’t purchase the Duo as I think it’s a waste as I’d only use the brow side. A little tweak in the formula though and I would be totally loving this product.

Workout Ready Cheek & Lip Palette


Create your whole #fotd and get out the door with this all-in-one palette. Features customizable, high pigment shades designed to pop on any skin tone. The breathable, performance formulas are sweat resistant, won’t clog pores, and will keep up with you!

I was a little bemused by the concept of this palette as applying blush to my face is totally not needed when I’m at the gym as let’s face it, it’s going to be red soon anyway. I also don’t care for a cream lipstick as I’m constantly hydrating myself and it would just come off on my water bottle. However I did give it a try and I found it was nothing special. The blush shades don’t blend particularly well on the skin and ended up patchy, I took it off straight away as it looked so terrible. As a lipstick, they are ok but their cream lipsticks in their Runway Ready Lip Palette are so much better in terms of longevity and pigmentation. Considering this is supposed to be sweat resistant, I would expect it to last just as long as and if not longer than their other lipstick collections. They feel very waxy and they take a lot of working with your finger to melt the product and build up pigmentation. The cream highlight however was a hidden gem as it looks fantastic on the nose, Cupid’s bow, cheeks and even eyelids. It lasted throughout my workouts despite intense sweating and did not clog my pores or break me out. In my opinion the palette itself is attractive but is not worth £9 for one useable shade. It’s also inconvenient to have in my gym bag just to use the highlight so I generally don’t pack it. As for the claimed all-in-one #fotd – not a chance. If you want to wear a full face to the gym this is not going to cut it.

Workout Ready Hydration Stick


Refresh and hydrate whenever your skin needs a boost with this soothing, sweat-resistant balm. Infused with Shea Butter, Cocoa, Aloe, and Grape for an instant cooling sensation.

Your skin can need some TLC after working out, especially if you’re exercising in an air-conditioned environment. As soon as I saw the ingredients which claim to help you cool down, I was so excited to try this hydrating stick. I think the packaging looks really attractive, it’s super lightweight and easy to carry in your gym bag yet you get a decent amount of product for your money. It also has a safety cap underneath the lid so that if the lid pops off in your bag, you won’t have gym clothes covered in moisturiser which is super handy. The product itself is a light blue colour which melts into a clear balm as you gently glide it across the skin. It has a fresh scent to it and a little goes a really long way. As it melts, it then dries to a semi-matte finish which is absolutely perfect for hydrating your skin without it looking really oily. Because of this, it works really well as primer underneath foundation so if you want to pop on some makeup after your workout – this won’t make your foundation look bad. What I love about this hydrating stick is how soothing it feels as you glide it along your skin. It’s super easy to apply, does not clog pores and I noticeably saw my redness go down a lot faster after using this product. If you have super-dry skin and you’re looking for a moisturiser, this won’t be strong enough for you. But if you’re looking for a product to help you cool down then I really recommend this.

Post Workout Cool-Down Mist


Cool down and nourish skin to get that “just left yoga” glow with this refreshing facial mist. Use to set makeup, and throughout the day to stay vibrant. The ultra-breathable formula is sweat resistant, and won’t clog pores.

I feel like 2017 was the year of the sprays. Priming, setting, illuminating – you name it, it probably exists. So I was not surprised to see a cooling down spray in the active collection. The bottle itself is really pretty with it’s frosted appearance and green accents, I really love the aesthetics of this range. It’s also a super light plastic which isn’t a luxurious feel but when you consider you’d be carrying this in a gym bag along with countless other things, I am totally okay with this product being light weight. It shares the same fresh scent as the Hydrating Stick which is really nice and I did find it was effective at cooling my skin down at the end of a workout. I can see this being really popular in the Summer particularly when exercising outside. However I found the actual spray to be quite clunky and clumsy to use due to the cheapness of the packaging and this produced quite a big spray. I much prefer a fine mist as I don’t like to be doused by my makeup sprays so I would not recommend spraying this over makeup at all. It also claims to give you a ‘just left yoga glow’ and I feel like it doesn’t really add anything to my complexion. I also feel like the product is a little confused as to what it is, is it a post workout cooling down spray or a makeup setting spray? I feel like it only does the job of the former and to be honest a general water spray would do the job. If you want a more skin care friendly spray to cool down, I would really recommend spending 50p extra on the Lush toner sprays instead as they are filled with skin friendly ingredients like lavender and rose to help soothe your skin. Overall I don’t hate the product but I wouldn’t purchase this myself as it just didn’t wow me.

Post Workout Cleansing Body Wipes


Go from gym to glam with portable, pre-moistened body wipes infused with hydrating Aloe Vera to remove makeup and refresh skin. The breathable performance formula is sweat resistant, and won’t clog pores.

Like the rest of the skincare products in this collection, these smell so good and incredibly fresh. I can see these being really useful for anyone who doesn’t have time to shower right away or needs to freshen up when on the go. If you like to use machines at the gym, these would also be perfect for wiping your hands afterwards to prevent the spread of germs. I’ve also tested them as makeup wipes and they do the job just fine, however I have found you need to use 2 if you are removing stubborn waterproof makeup. Considering these are £4.50 for 20 wipes I wouldn’t purchase these as standard makeup wipes or baby wipes would do the job just fine depending on what you want to use them for. I much prefer ELF’s Makeup Remover Cleansing Cloths to remove my makeup and these are 50p cheaper so I wouldn’t reach for the Active wipes in store. I feel like these are just standard makeup wipes with a fresh scent to them and they’re not really necessary for me.

Overall the ELF makeup collection is a bit of a mixed bag for me. I really love the brow gel within the brow and mascara duo and if they sold this separately I would purchase it in a heartbeat. I also really love the hydration stick and will continue to use it after each workout. The cheek and lip palette just didn’t give me what I would want from a palette that claims to have your face covered but also stay in place for workouts, the lipsticks just didn’t work for me. I really like the idea of this collection and if you like to wear makeup to the gym you might want to swatch these in a store to see if they will work for you, particularly the cream highlighter as it is gorgeous. If E.L.F brought out some cream highlighters with the same formula, I would be all over them! But in general the whole collection is a miss for me with only 2 hidden gems for my exercising needs.

What do you think of this collection? Do you like to wear makeup when you work out or do you prefer to have a natural face?

Emily Mae x

Disclaimer: Products were sent free of charge for testing. All photos and views are my own. Not a sponsored post. 



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