Primark Lunar Glow Palette

Primark have been upping their game this year with their makeup releases and in particular their palettes. There are some absolute hidden gems and as well as upping their makeup quality, the packaging has improved with it. When I saw the the Lunar Glow palette on display, it’s silver sparkly packaging literally begged to be put into my basket.

Containing 4 large highlight pans, arranged and packaged much like an Anastasia Glow Kit with major Moonchild vibes, this palette is only £5. Each pan gives you 7g of product and the palette feels like something Kylie Jenner would create. The lettering of the product is a gun metal shimmer and the entire outside is super sparkly which doesn’t fall off and make a mess when you touch it. Despite not having a mirror, the overall finish and feel is definitely more high end – very impressive Primark!

Opaline, Chroma, Backlight, Spectrum 

For £5 these highlights aren’t half bad and perform suprisingly well. They are a little on the chalky side but they are super pigmented and apply well with both a fan brush and a more dense highlighting brush. The glitter will stick to dry skin but can be smoothed out with a finger. As the shades are more out there strobing shades, this can be forgiven as they won’t give a natural glow anyway.

As this palette reminded me of the Anastasia Beverly Hills Moonchild palette I decided to dig it out and do some comparisons. Moonchild is £41 and contains 6 strobing shades, each pan is incredibly buttery, smooth and is super pigmented. Lunar Glow does an excellent job at duping Purple Horseshoe, Lucky Clover, Star and Pink Heart. In fact the pigmentation and colour match is pretty spot on, the only major difference is the quality of the highlights with Moonchild being much more superior. But for only £5, Primark hasn’t done a bad job at all. If you want to just play around with these colours and experiment, or only wear them for a particular night out then I would definitely recommend trying Lunar Glow over Moonchild.

As impressed as I am I probably won’t reach for this palette often, generally as the shades are not ones I would use daily, but because I think there are better drugstore highlights out there. They are slightly too chalky for me but that being said they are still very wearable and aren’t unpleasant to use. This would be fantastic for anyone who is new to makeup, on a budget but still wants eye catching and pretty packaging or someone who is hot on new makeup trends but doesn’t want to spend half their pay check on one palette. It definitely has it’s place in the beauty world and I’m excited to see what other creations Primark will create in the future.

Emily Mae x



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