Anastasia Beverly Hills £4 Subculture Dupe

The Anastasia Beverly Hills Palette is absolutely stunning, but the powdery formula which doesn’t blend easily meant I never reached for it. Which is an absolute shame as the shades were truly stunning and so different to all the warm toned palettes currently on the market. I kept the palette because at £43, that’s expensive, and I’m glad I did because I could compare it to the Makeup Revolution Iconic Division Palette. At only £4, this beautifully large pan palette has a very similar colour scheme to Subculture, but is it any better?

As you can see from the swatches, the Makeup Revolution Palette is certainly not as pigmented as Subculture, but this was half the problem with the ABH palette. The high pigmentation combined with the powdery formula meant the shadows kept skipping when blending and it would take a lot of effort to create even the simplest of looks. The Iconic Division Palette is still very pigmented, especially for a drugstore palette. The mattes are very soft and not chalky plus the two shimmer shades are extremely buttery and not chunky at all. The palette performs better than Subculture and considering it’s £39 cheaper, I know which one I’d rather spend my money on! In fact Subculture has now ended up in the bin, seriously, and the Iconic Division Palette has a proud place in my makeup collection. If you want the high end vibes without the price, purchase the Iconic Division Palette and don’t even give Subculture a second thought!



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